Why am I a musician?  I give you five reasons

    I have always enjoyed watching famous people’s interviews because I find a lot of things that happen to dreamers in their time of sacrifice, the process it generally takes before the arrival of public recognition.  A few days ago I watched an interview done by Oprah of comedian Kevin Hart, during which he said: “Many people think I’m new to the art world because it is now that they see me appear in many films and television shows, but the truth is that I have spent more than eighteen years of my life working hard, before getting to the level where I am now."


    Inspired by this segment of Kevin Hart’s interview, and in order to share what I think, feel, and believe with everyone who does me the honor of reading these lines, I am giving five reasons as to why I am still determined to practice the art of music.


1. I was born to do it.

    My mom told me that long ago, when I was just a three-year-old child, I suddenly asked while looking at their wedding photos with my dad:


- Mom, don’t you hear it?

- What, son? She replied.

-Tan, tan , tah, tan ... !


    I began to hum the wedding march because at that early age, music was already a part of me. There are moments in life in which we can show in a simple, natural, and spontaneous way "why" we were made the way we were made, and this was one of them.

    I believe that although the years pass, and although music is not the only thing that defines my life, I will inevitably be talking about music in my conversations, precisely because music is a very important part of my personal way of being; it is what defines "what I am here for".


2. It is the Dream that motivates me to keep trying.

    In hindsight, I see as a constant all the time that I spent studying, playing and teaching music to others. There were years that, apart from learning music, I had to learn how to manage my money to pay for my studies and move forward.


    Fun and friends did not abound along that path, and I can even confess that there were times when I was tempted to abandon the discipline of music. But when I analyzed it in depth, I made a decision to go ahead, building that dream I had as a child, which has given me the strength to keep going.

It encourages me to think that maybe my struggles could inspire a brilliant idea in someone else.


3. Stimulates my creativity

    Creativity is sometimes a process that can be a bit complex. It is not always that you "feel” like doing something new, nor are you always “feeling inspired” to compose music, but as you apply yourself to work, suddenly: BOOM! There comes a bright idea.  And it comes because you didn’t stop working, because you didn’t stop trying.  I think that's the secret to creativity: to not stop working.

    It is true that creativity sometimes requires more inspiration than expiration, but those few times when you can finally achieve that "heavenly idea" make the effort worthwhile. The end result is stimulating and it motivates in you the desire to do it again, which is good because in practicing the exercise of discipline, the muscle of creativity becomes stronger.


4. Allows me to connect with others.

    The opportunity to interact with people of different tongues, cultures and countries is one of the most fascinating things that I’ve experienced through music.  As a teacher in this artistic area, I have had the opportunity to help people improve their level in the interpretation and execution of their instrument.


    When I teach, I give people the tools aimed at improving their musical level, sometimes without actually speaking their own language, but this has never been a limitation.  It has rather shown that music is a wonderful point where all countries and cultures can meet. I am happy to be part of this wonderful process in which we can all have music as a common element.


    I have witnessed how people, regardless of their place of origin,  responded in a positive way  to the gestures of love of others, and shown respect when you've done something special for them. It is not that every day the same spirit prevails, but at the end of the day they will somehow let you know how well you did in the interaction.




5. Allows me to meet God.

    We all believe in something bigger than ourselves, no matter what you call it. Particularly, I believe in a personal God, bigger than the universe and I think that music in my life has been a wonderful gift from God.


    Through music God has given me, at times, the opportunity to feel and experience a small fraction of His spiritual world. Seven musical notes, twelve different sounds, and yet,   music is such an inexhaustible source of inspiration and information.


    However, seeing music as “a god” would be a mistake. Music is not sovereign, nor independent. It is only a means to express the greatness of its Creator. Talking about how fascinating music is and ignoring the greatness of God is like praising the greatness of the Apple Company and forgetting how brilliant was its creator Steve Job.


    I close this list of the five reasons why I am a musician - after which I will leave you until the next chapter of this blog - with a quote from Quincy Jones with whom I fully identify: "I think music is the Word of God.  I really do. You cannot taste it, you cannot touch it, you cannot see it, you cannot smell it; you only can feel it. I think it's the most powerful of all the arts."


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